Ezra AI

Technology for the Quick Service Restaurant Industry – Specially designed for Call Centers, Middleware Software, Telephony Companies, POS Providers, Ordering Platforms And Much More!

Ezra AI is Multi-Channel, and expertly manages:

✔ Phone Calls
✔ Text/SMS
✔ Siri
✔ Google
✔ Alexa
✔ Social Media
✔ Drive-Thrus
✔ Any Voice & Digital platform

Also handles your Online Order-Taking Platform!

Restaurant Automation For Your Outlets

Order-Taking & Voice-Recognition AI

Consider Ezra AI as SIri’s Close Family that is integrated with your clients’ POS system

This enables Ezra AI to simultaneously enter multiple orders into a store's POS on behalf of multiple customers coming from countless locations.

How Does Ezra AI work?

Voice-based & Digital Order-Taking Since Ezra AI is multi-channel, this means that orders can be placed from any phone or device, from any location!

Channel Input from any device

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Customer Generates Request

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Voice AI Processes Complete details like Loyalty Program, Payment Mode & POS questions Order is Processed

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Data Analytics & Report-Generation for future use

  • Ezra AI learns natural conversation with the use of advanced speech technologies in several languages.
  • Ezra AI is “Natural Al” can be specially trained on the Clients Menu & BrandEzra learns natural conversation with the use of advanced speech technologies in several languages.
  • In terms of voice, personality, and tone,Ezra speaks on behalf of your client.
  • Ezra offers excellent customer service from the start to finish of the ordering process, whether they are handling drive-thru or phone orders, all while saving money!

Benefits of Ezra AI.

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Reduces Wait Times

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Boosts Overall Transactions

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Reduces Labor Costs

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Enhances Order Accuracy


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Offers World-Class Customer Services

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Gently Upsells on Every Call to Increase Sales

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Increases Employee Productivity

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Decreases Employee Turnover due to less stress on employees

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Increases Average Ticket