Tahir Rasheed.

Managing Director

With almost a decade of diverse industry experience under his belt, Tahir brought with him a wealth of knowledge and a unique skill set that proved to be vital in getting Tribe Consulting off the ground. As one of the founding members, over the years, Tahir has taken up multiple roles within the organization. In his current capacity as the Managing Director (MD) he is primarily responsible for SWOT analysis for new campaigns outsourced to Tribe Consulting and devising the Project Launch Process (PLP). With a strong business acumen spanning across multiple industry verticals, he is also responsible for identification of new market opportunities, prospecting of potential partners, negotiating business terms and completing the contract process and required due diligence. Prior to joining Tribe Consulting, Mr. Rasheed’s career included working as quality assurance supervisor at Neuron Technologies and as an HR Manager at Incall International LLC and o-Desk. Tahir received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Punjab University in 2008.

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