Offshore Recruitment

The benefits of offshore recruitment are well documented. Tribe builds your customer-focused brand-specific skilled workers while saving you time and money.

    Offshore Recruitment

    The benefits of offshore recruitment are well known. The savings in time and money are substantial, and the ability to have customer service agents available 24/7 is the main reason that most companies initially look at offshore customer service agents. But Tribe does more than provide services 24/7 at a reduced cost.

    Like everything Tribe does, we build your Tribe of call center agents with the best trained, brand-focused, and supervised agents available. The Tribe training program takes six weeks so that your agents know everything about your company and can answer your customers’ questions immediately. Additionally, our supervisory structure ensures that each agent is supervised with a 1:10 ratio to ensure your goals are met.

    Each call center agent starts their shift with a training meeting. Any changes to the message for your customers are discussed in that pre-work meeting. Once the agent begins answering calls, every call is recorded so it can be replayed for critiques or rewards for agents who go above and beyond. In addition, randomly during the day, supervisors will listen to live calls so they can properly supervise each call center agent and offer immediate feedback on the services the agent is providing to your customers.

    We are serious when we say your Tribe is well trained to serve your customers. We have the best trained and best-supervised call center agents in the business.

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