QSR Services For Pizza Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, QSR services for pizza parlors have become a necessity. Tribe’s call agents are experts in taking orders. Get in touch with us to manage orders for your pizza store at peak hours!

    QSR restaurants are popular worldwide. QSR means Quick Service Restaurants. They offer budget-friendly, consistently good meals from one establishment to the next. As the term implies, a fast-service restaurant is designed to offer speedy service. One of the most popular restaurants for QSR automation is pizza parlors. Pizzas are a highly popular cuisine in the USA. Many people consider pizzas to be a perfectly viable breakfast option as well.

    More people use food delivery services to enjoy their favorite pizzas in the convenience of their own homes. Often people prefer to call the pizza parlors to place their orders. However, millions of people have the same thought. It makes for peak rush hours at pizza parlors and overwhelmed employees. These employees are constantly taking orders from customers on call, while still dealing with in-house customers, often resulting in miscommunication. This is where Tribe comes in!

    Tribe offers QSR services for pizza parlors especially! Tribe acts as an offshore call center for pizza parlors by handling inbound and outbound calls. Our trained agents provide customer service, and order booking call services on behalf of your pizza restaurant.

    Tribe aims to make your overworked employees' lives easier. As our agents answer order calls, your employees can assist in-person consumers with a calmer mindset.

    With Tribe handling your calls, you can relax knowing that a committed group of skilled call representatives will provide a fantastic service to your clients. Your staff can execute more work quickly if you take calls out of the equation.

    Presently, Tribe processes more than 5 million calls annually while collaborating with more than 400 stores countrywide through its approximately 500 call agents. Popular pizza chains like Papa Johns, Hungry Howie’s and Pepperoni’s are a part of Tribe’s QSR services!

    Tribe has created a unique call center with a Point Of Sales (POS) interface. Tribe can easily function with hundreds of phone operators entering multiple orders at once because of thanks to our custom POS system. Orders are directly transferred to your pizza parlor's system after it is processed.

    Only the top agents are chosen by us to work with you. These agents are required to complete Tribe's Pizza University program. It trains them on how to communicate with customers professionally.

    Every candidate we evaluate must possess the following fundamental competencies:

    A degree from an approved university. English language proficiency and neutral accent. As well as a minimum of one year of call center experience.

    Tribe's call agents receive training before starting work. They must learn your call script and menu before starting work. Our trainees are examined daily, and quizzed, where role-playing participation is a must.

    With the constant increase in the minimum wage, Tribe offers a fixed rate which is cost-effective. The package includes recruiting, training, hiring, and managing a dedicated team of the specialized call agent. They are allocated specially to your location by centralizing all incoming calls into one venue.

    Contact Tribe if you wish to use our platforms to boost your sales!

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