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Modood Ahmed

Modood Ahmed

CEO Tribe Consulting

Hi, I’m Modood, CEO of Tribe Consulting. Everything we do is based on our mission:

To provide the most cost-effective, redundant call center that supports multichannel customer service through apps, phone, and chat platforms, quite honestly, we support any “communication device.”

Tribe Consulting is one of the largest service providers in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Management (BPM). Since 2014, our exceptional call center services, impeccably trained staff, and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure have allowed us and everyone in our TRIBE to grow.

We partner globally with the best service partners to assist organizations in the retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and public sectors. As a result, our Tribe consistently achieves and surpasses qualitative and quantitative benchmarks for our business customers. You can too!

Our Vision

To be the world's most trusted BPO (business process outsourcing) consultant that provides superior quality assurance with robust customer services.

Our Mission

To provide the most cost-effective, redundant call center that supports multichannel customer service through apps, phones, chat features, and virtually any “communication device”.

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At Tribe Consulting, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by providing strategic, innovative, and cost-effective BPO solutions that simplify complex business processes and deliver a focused customer service call center that fits your needs.

Our call center consulting services are evolving around the globe as business outsourcing becomes more understood and accepted by large-scale enterprises. Tribe Consulting enables you to focus on your core business while our call center consultants handle your inbound and outbound calls, chat requests, in-app communication, and more.

We are increasing our global footprint by expanding our BPO consulting and outsourcing services into North America, Europe, and the Far East.

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24/7 Services

Industry is moving faster today than ever before! Tribe connects you to your customers 24/7 and ensures their questions are answered, and your sales take place quickly.

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Customers deserve honest, respectful, responsible treatment. Tribe chooses our agents due to their deep personal integrity. It's just how we do business!

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Tribe provides quantitative reports for all your business process outsourcing; we guarantee that our services deliver the results you expect.

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Tribe is proud to be the most fiscally responsible BPO company. We encourage you to get a quote to compare your current cost with ours. We are sure to beat it!

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Innovation is vital in BPO. Our partnerships ensure we are always on the cutting edge of new inventions and can implement any new technology immediately.

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When you join Tribe, you become part of the world's strongest team. Our partners become your Tribe that builds your business processes with best practices that work!

Our Dedicated Team.


Modood Ahmed


Tahir Rasheed


Abdul Muquite


Jeffery Morin


Mateen Mughal


Syed Nasir Mujtaba

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585 Union Avenue Suite #7
Laconia, NH 03246, USA

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