Is your workforce tired of handling customer calls every day on top of their existing tasks? Tribe uses QSR automation to staff your stores more quicker! It’s a seamless application process!

    Every industry today uses automation. The restaurant industry is one of the many to get on board. Every day, businesses create, improve, and perfect excellent solutions to automate operations. As a result, there are guarantees of decreased operating expenses, effective client care, and an increase in total productivity.

    Tribe is a call center that delivers superior support and services for restaurants. We have state-of-the-art call center equipment to carry out calls and become acquainted with customer needs

    Hiring, recruiting, training, quality assurance, and management are all built into the call center service package provided by Tribe. We provide growth in total transactions, infinite phone calls, an end to consumer-wait times, and terminate missed calls. The labor cost is reduced excessively as QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brings down the costs of hiring, recruiting, and training.

    Tribe offers a fixed price, with no pressure of increasing the base salary. Your average ticket increases, as every order is upsold by our trained call agents. Each site's average ticket increases. Call agents are encouraged to boost sales.

    Customer satisfaction improves because our agents provide excellent service. Calls are received in a professional office environment, with a reliable call script being referred to constantly. Tribe’s call agents are professional and cordial.

    QSR enhances your employee productivity and decreases making time with modern business strategies. This allows the constant nuisance, and endless interruptions to reduce in your store. With fewer distractions, your employee confidence increases, and there is a decrease and turnover reduction. Your managers are content, with the ability to sustain and develop service metrics.

    By removing disruptions of having to stop work because of constant phone calls, your employees can relax and continue their tasks. We take over these mundane tasks from your workforce, by employing their skilled sales team who takes over.

    This allows your business to flourish as less time is wasted when professionals are handling phone calls and upselling which ensures revenue is increased, especially with repeat customers. Tribe makes operating your business easy and is pretty straightforward to set up.

    How Does Call Center Service Work For Restaurants?

    Your stores respond to customers' calls. Calls are transferred over to our agents. Your POS (Point Of Sale) is used to process orders. You handle it from here!

    Tribe provides application management through your hiring platform. Restaurant executives established that if an applicant is not notified immediately, then the chances of them being hired reduces.

    We process 94.7% of applications, which are converted into job interviews. Our system is developed to help managers and ease their stress.

    Tribe recognizes that businesses are busy, and monitoring applications in hundreds in a week can be overwhelming. This is when we take over from you and contact each applicant for interviews.

    Now your workforce can concentrate on providing the best service to your customers while we handle the application process. Each application is verified, and documented from each phase, which is dispatched to store supervisors automatically.

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