Surveillance & Monitoring Services

Did you know that theft increases at 11% each year? Don’t fall prey to it. Boost up your security systems with Tribe’s Surveillance & Monitoring Services instead!

    Tribe's online monitoring system has the main benefit of being available constantly. One person can monitor multiple displays at once thanks to our real-time surveillance footage technology.

    As a result, there is no longer a requirement to station security officers in every unit, level, or building. Using your surveillance camera, you can document ongoing questionable or criminal activities and aid authorities in identifying the offenders.

    Tribe provides your business with surveillance & monitoring services by keeping an eye on visitors' and workers' conduct and report any inappropriate actions.

    We have the most recent, cutting-edge, and economical monitoring solutions. They cost less than an in-person supervisor would and minimize losses while maintaining a strong administrative presence online.

    Our surveillance agent will serve as an observer using cutting-edge video monitoring technologies. Tribe performs all onsite manager duties for a third of the price.

    QSR enhances your employee productivity and decreases making time with modern business strategies. This allows the constant nuisance, and endless interruptions to reduce in your store. With fewer distractions, your employee confidence increases, and there is a decrease and turnover reduction. Your managers are content, with the ability to sustain and develop service metrics.

    Tribe’s surveillance & monitoring services improves employee productivity, keep an eye on their actions. Prevent stealing from consumers, delivery people, and workers. Take video documentation of mishaps and falls. We guard your establishment for you by watching the cameras.

    Our monitoring services protect you from employee theft, low worker productivity, and shoplifting by a customer. The surveillance also allows there to be a record of customer injuries, which can lead to lawsuits.

    How Do Tribe's Surveillance & Monitoring Services Work?

    • We keep a close eye on your entire store to catch any staff wrongdoing.
    • To address any issues, we quickly contact the owner.
    • The issues can be anything from falls, poor worker behaviors, thefts, or accidents.
    • For mishaps or suspicious behavior, we record video recordings and communicate them via SMS to the    management. These can also be kept for future time.

    What Are The Benefits Of Tribe's Surveillance & Monitoring Services?

    • Monitors Your Weak Spots With The Cameras You Already Have.
    • Works Around The Clock To Be There For You.
    • When It Detects Anomalous Activities, A Pop-Up Is Triggered By A Link Connection To Your Payment System.
    • Keeps An Eye On Your Entire Building.
    • Observes Any Strange Behavior, Such As Slips And Slides. It If Detects Something, A Pop-Up Notification Is    Activated.
    • Creates A Video Of Dubious Behavior For Possible Future Use.
    • Concerns Are Expressed Right Away To The Employee.
    • If The Employee Is Silent, Notify The Manager.

    Contact Tribe now to get a low-cost remote manager that acts as your virtual assistant online!

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